CyberLink MPEG-2 Decoder Problem

Hi i have installed K-lite 3.9 and PowerDVD 8 Ultra and for dvd decoding i’m using CyberLink MPEG-2 Decoder so whan i play movie with PowerDVD 8 ultra the picture is little pale and have 2 black borders. Whan i play same movie with media player classic i see the same problem and i go to option in media player classic and change resizer from bilinear ps2.0 to bilinear and now everyting is ok the picture is very clear with one black border but i can’t change in PowerDVD 8 Ultra the picture is still pale and have 2 black borders i don’t know how to fix that where to change this setting. even when i play with other player that use system defauld MPEG-2 Decoder i get same problem bad quality and 2 black boders. pls help