CyberLink free beta blue laser compatibility diagnostics tool

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Now here is a great idea and it
would be interesting to run this application on your equipment. CyberLink has
released a free diagnostic tool for testing PC systems, to determine if they are…

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hahhaha. here are the results for everyone who has run it: 100% BD/HD DVD compliant: .1% HDCP, faster processor, ram all required to decoded the HDCP (NOT complaint:) 99% subnote:

well I grabbed it tested it, and my CPU pass, 4400x2, ram passes 1 gig, OS ok XP SP2, video card fails x800 AIW, driver of course fails, and my 37 inch Digimate LCD monitor fails HDCP (bought it for this reason anyways, has unencrypted outs on it) They list what cards are supported, but not driver revisions, and no list of what displays have HDCP support. Kinda useless tool, specially if it does not list what monitors are HDCP comliant, then we would know what ones NOT to buy so we don;t have to worry about supporting this crap