Cyberlink DVDMake - Custom Menus?

Hey all,

Been awhile since I've visited.

Anywho, I was hoping someone out there can help me to create custom menu templates for Cyberlink's DVDMake.  It is a wonderful program, but the default menu templates are lame.  If I could just insert my own photos, I'd be in heaven.

I had been using VSO ConvertX, but I recently upgraded to an FX-60 dual-core CPU and ConvertX seems to be incompatible.  I kept getting read/write errors from my memory.  Well, I did some research and tried a few trial versions and settled on DVDMake since I've always liked Cyber's products.  It turns out it was a great move since DVDMake is optimized for dual-core CPU's and absolutely tears up anything I throw at it.  I'm just really sick of the "Leave It To Beaver" backgrounds it comes with.  I want my DVDs to have some punch, which pictures of a family picnic simply do not offer.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing and able to help a poor schmo.