CyberHome obtains OEM order for Sony portable DVD players

I just posted the article CyberHome obtains OEM order for Sony portable DVD players.

Looks like Sony is about to enter the market with some hardware produced by CyberHome, one of the popular optical disc manufacturers that can be found on Wal-mart shelves. CyberHome,…

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Wow! Sony can’t go much lower than that. Cyberhome makes some “cheap” stuff.

Hmmm, cheap as always, now why should that not surprise, with anything that is attached to the SONY brand label!:r

Inexpensive LCD panel is great news…But, they should spend the savings on better plastic hinges so my lid stays on :B

Just more proof that Sony, years ago a bastion of quality, is continuing its slide into the Wal-Mart level of products. They’re a lot like ****. Pay top dollar, and you might get a decent product (though for more than what the competition charges). Pay any less, and you’ll get crap.

Personally I like Cyberhome’s DVD players. OK I have only used 2 models, but both were solid, reliable and mostly easy to use (apart from one with a tiny remote with about 30 buttons on it, but you get use to it in no time). Now I know if Sony bring out a nice portable DVD player, I can get the Cyberhome own brand for about 1/10th of the price :slight_smile:

Reading between the lines, i say sony is freeing resources for blu-ray production. So there is another fiasco after rootkits coming… General public will not prefer the new crippled technology to the old good, inferior in picture quality but user friendly dvd; as it didnt dvdaudio to regular CDs. There is still a time niche for upconverting DVD players, probably a few years. The lesson they cant learn is as simple as this: dont fck with your consumers’ rights. :X