Cyberhome not reading DVD+R



i am having a problem with a standalone dvd player (a cyberhome 300 ch) reading dvd+r media (verbatim). It plays sometimes but has lots of problems reading. other dvd drives seem to be able to read it fine.
is this a common problem?? --any info that might help? :confused:


If you mean you have a Cyberhome CH-DVD 300 then take a look here. It appears your drive isn’t very high quality and is picky with +R media.
Using higher quality media can usually help with this problem. I noticed you saying that you use “dvd+r media (verbatim)”. That doesn’t help mcuh. See the media codes link in my signature for the reason why.


ok that explains it then.
thanks alot.


Yeah …in fact i share the same problem of yours…The price was tempting ,design very cool…but it disapointed me as soon as i made the first DVDs…
I m realy angry with it…so i m trying to sell it ( for someone who only watches original
DVDS !!)


They do get along pretty well with a quality -R disc though.