CyberHome CH-DVD 300S

Does anybody know if this DVD player, plays dvd-mp3?

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I have a 302 and that one doesn’t play MP3 DVDs. (actually I’m quite happy if it plays anything at all). I don’t know it the same goes for the 300, but I wouldn’t be wondered if the devices are quite similar.

Of course, you could give it a try :wink:

thanks for the reply…do you know what dvd players are capable of this?

My Cyberhome 320 (just a 300 relabeled for sale at Target) plays MP3 discs just fine, I don’t know why yours won’t. Put in a formatted DVD and it’ll show you a file list, pick the file you want to play and it plays it.

GURM…are your disk cd-mp3 or dvd-mp3?