Cyberhome 300s firmware issue?

Hi guys :slight_smile:

With the news that Cyberhome was no longer manufacturing dvd players and the remaining units becoming harder and harder to find. I decided to purchase a backup player (I have 2) for the future.

My original units were bought/manufactured in’04 and have V13 Bios…both machines play ALL of my dvd backups with no problem. My collection of dvd-r’s consist entirely of Ridata and Smartbuy.

I recieved the new unit yesterday, new Bios was 0D w/Mar.'06 Manufacture date.

The new player played All my Smartbuy media, some from several years back. Just did a random pick of several older titles.

But would not play ANY of my Ridata dvd-r’s…

With the older unit directly underneath I was able to put them in and watch them play perfectly.

My only guess is either the “new” 0D bios has changed something, OR I happened to get a faulty player.

I’m in the process of getting an RA # and have a another new player on it’s way.

Anyone else run into this issue?

I’ll post more info when I get the new player, just thought I’d toss this out to the great community here :slight_smile:

There’s no way to flash this type of player to an older bios is there? Looked for some info on that but came up empty heh

I’m crossing my fingers on this next unit :wink:


edit - All dvd’s were burned with the Nero 6 at 4x speed. With a Lite-On dvd burner (i’ll get the modle # when I get home)

I’ll also get the media codes for the discs :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Sorry it took so long but I just got the new player today. Same manufactur date and Bios as the other unit. 03/06 (0D)

Same thing occured…would not play any of my Ridata/RitekG05 backups. But my older Ch-300 unit will with no problem.

The new unit WILL play ALL of my Smartbuy/ProdiscF01, going back to 05/05, I checked several backups that were burned the same month, with the same burner and the results were the same.

I decided to run some tests on my Miami Vice s1d1 backup, and my results were pretty interesting and a bit confusing (to me) :slight_smile:

The disc plays fine in my old unit…I skipped around and let it play for quite a while. Would not play at all in the new deck. What happens is, I get the “Loading” message…but nothing happens. Or it seems to get stuck not doing anything. I never get the normal “Dvd” after loading.

So I decided to run a Nero Cd-Dvd Speed Quality test on the original Miami Vice backup and I have never seen a worse test (though i haven’t been doing this long lol) Pretty hard to get worse than a “0 Quality” :wink:

So I thought ok, guess it’s a very bad burn…BUT it plays fine in my other unit?

I decided to try something…I ripped the backup with Dvd Decrypter and then burned it strait to a new Smartbuy disc. Guess what? I runs perfect in the “new” Cyberhome unit lol

So I’m not sure what to think now. The new Ch-300 firmware seems to be a lot more rigid and picky about the media/burn quality of what it plays, was it a bad burn to begin with?

But if the original backup was SO completely rotten…why was I able to rip it and burn it and the new copy plays fine? I jumped around again and let it play for a while (only 2 episodes on the disc and some extras)

I have some pics of all the tests, I hope that someone has an “idea” of what might be the problem here…half my backups are Ridata discs lol ( and that’s quite a few) it’s a shame that the new units are having a major problem with them :frowning:

And thoughts are welcome! If you’d like me to run more tests on different discs for the same time period I’d be happy too :slight_smile:

Here are the pictures, thx for listening! (and looking) :wink:

The old original backup disc (crazy bad)

Ok, the new backup disc after burning the exact data ripped from the old disc. (looks to be a great burn) :slight_smile: