CyberDrv CW058D CD-R/RW Firmware Required

Is it possible to get the firmware for this CD-R/RW, as mine doesn’t seem to be recognised anymore, it appears in device manager but not when i go to my computer or by nero. Anyone know how i can fix this?

never mind, got it sorted. can a mod close this thread

oh come on, knowledge is power and all that so help a girl out here and let me know how you worked it out i am having the exact same problem my CWO58D and i am stumped!

did you ever get firmware for your cyberdrv cw058d cd-r/rw? I have the same problem and need the firmware to reinstall?

no i didn’t need the firmware, it turned out that one of my other devices was conflicting with it but the computer didn’t pick this up. Sorry i can’t be of more help but it was over a year ago. I no longer use it, got a nec dvd writer fitted.

Have you find the firmware ? Because I need to !
Thanks for you response.

This is rubbish. A firmware would never help here…