CyberDrv CW058D CD-R/RW doesn't recognize cd

It doesn’t even seem to recognize that anything is there, even when I push “Eject” on the menu it doesn’t do anything. I can open up the drive but that seems to be it.

I’ve tried the following:

  1. Uninstall drive, let Windows re-install it upon bootup
  2. Reburn disc in question
  3. Put in different discs to see if it will work
  4. Use reburned disc in DVD drive instead [the disc works fine]
  5. Use “eject” option on menu (the drive doesn’t do anything)
  6. Go through Registry and edit it to make it a rewritable drive
  7. Update drivers
  8. Set boot priority so that the CD-Drive booted first (it just gives me a black window with the cursor blinking until I open the CD drive, then windows boots normally)

The interesting thing is, the drive seemed to work with MagicISO-- I burned a CD with it. But now it doesn’t even seem to recognize a disc is even in the drive. I put a lot of different discs in and it doesn’t start to hum like it normally would if it was trying to recognize a disc.

I’m using Windows XP, and if you need to know any more information I’d be happy to give it.

Okay I unplugged my other DVD drive and it seems to now respond to “Eject” but it doesn’t recognize CDs still.

And it makes a weird clicking noise and sounds like it’s trying desperately to read the CD

this could kind of be fixed if there was a way to fool my computer into thinking my dvd drive was the main CD-drive and I could boot from that (considering I"m trying to reinstall windows)

OK nevermind… you guys didn’t help… I just bought a new drive. :expressionless: thx