CyberDrv CW038D

Hi there,

I have a CyberDrv CW038D which is a 16x/12x/40x CDRW drive in my computer as drive D:\ with Windows XP Professional Edition. Recently, I have been very much UNABLE to burn any CDs what so ever. When I try to double click on the drive it says there is no disk in the drive. When I put one in, it gives me errors. I have tried to install Roxio 6 on it, no luck. Then I tried Nero and it says the drive is being used by another application. That I find weird because it ejects it when I cancel every thing out. I have went and updated drivers of ALL my components and software to no avail. I would love your help in this situation. BTW, I have 512mb RAM and a 80gb hard drive (with 40gb spare). Everything has been updated with what drivers I need.


I used to have a similar problem but it didn’t have nothing to do with the applications. the cd drive tends to not work to burn anything sometimes. Make sure that you have enabled copying in this drive in the properties box by right clicking in the drive. After that first try with the windows utilty to burn files. Highlight the files you want to copy and then right click and choose “send to cd drive”. after that you will see windows sending files to the cd drive. after the files are ready to be copied. log off from windows xp. don’t turn off, just log off. then when you log back in you go straight to your cd drive and choose to right the files. hopefully this will work. I have a similiar problem with the same drive and that is what I do to burn info to cds.