CyberDrivr DM168D Firmware Problem

Damn , i messed it up , i went look around how to recover , i know its possible , but can you guide me thru it please ,


can anyone help?

Follow an mtkflash guide. There’s one in the Lite-ON forum, or else look on my website.

Hi there.

I have also done the same…
I flashed my drive using the MTK Flash via bootable floppy with the appropriate Firware upgrade bin file etc and now have a dead drive.
My Drive also fails to be detected by the system bios…

One extra bulls up i made was loose my original backed up firmware.

Can anyone shed any light for obtaining a copy of the original firmware and a failsafe method of flashing back the firmware ?.

Manufacture date of Drive was March 2003.

I have checked your site Dave, nice site…
You dont seem to have any support for Cyberdrive, although i heard that it is the same as a sony drive …
What model … I’m not sure …



thats my problem , my floppy drive is mucked up , cheap thing lol

and i cant create boot disk for cd

Hi Danny…

I had no problem with running the Bootable Floppy.
The Flash proceedure itself ran its course correctly…

Just i was left with a Dead Drive…
Not only is it dead but it will also not show up on the bios IDE Check when booting.

Have you had any luck with finding a suitable Firmware to reflash your drive with ?

ill just reflash it with the firmware i fucked it up with
it was my thought , i used the windows version of that flasher.
if i can get my floppy drive fixed ill be able to do it

Hi Danny.

Where abouts did you obtain your Windows Version for Flashing the Drive ?.
Could you post the URL for it… I wouldnt mind trying it myself…
Afterall, Apparantly these Drives are Reflashable if you stuff up like we have …

thats the link ,

and if you do get it going , can you help me after plz


Originally posted by dannyw13
[B]thats my problem , my floppy drive is mucked up , cheap thing lol

and i cant create boot disk for cd [/B]

If you cannot “see your drive” in Windows or in the BIOS the only recovery method is going to be mtkflash.

The windows based options need the drive to be detected in the BIOS / show up in Windows.

You need a new floppy drive.

yes thought so, oh what the hell , they are only like a fiver = £5


Hi Danny…

Hey what do you reacon…
I flashed my Rom via MTK flash using my Floppy.
All went well except the final Outcome…

The proceedure itself ran its course, but left the Rom without a firmware loaded…
Now it doesnt detect at all in the bios.
This was using both Etnas Bin images aswell…

Would you know where i could get an copy of the original image for this Drive ??
Cyberdrive dont seem to have a copy of this image at there site…



thats for dm166D tho

Hmmm… :eek:

Probly not suitable though huh ?
I tied Etnas Untested Bin image, and all i get is the Green LED flashing continuously. And thats still undetected in the Bios.

Spose a Flashing Greed LED is better than nothing though :bigsmile:


lol , same here

ive had that problem from the start

just need a new floppy drive really

Hi Danny…

Well as soon as you get a new Floppy Drive, Give the Flash a go…
If all turns out successfull , make a post back here or Email me with what Image/Method you used.

My Floppy Drive is all ok…and i followed the directions correctly for making the boot disc etc but still havent had the success.


do you use msn?

Yes MSN Or ICQ 41466026…

i added u , log on sometime :slight_smile:

ok dont know if any of you still have mucked firmware leaving you with a dead drive or not, but i can tell you the easiest thing to do.

Firstly your drive is dead because u have flashed the drive and not added the bin file so its empty thus not being detected.

all you have to do is go to the home site for your writer and email the technical support and ask them for the recover files for you drive.

they will probably give you instructions them selves buts its straight forword u copy the recover files to the floppy, make a dos start up disc if u dont already have one, and finaly check what commands u have to use and thats it ur drive will be alive again.

neva flash ur drives in windows again doesnt work to well for sum reason