Cyberdrive wont read any cd's

I just bought a 36x12x48 cyberdrive running on xp i installed it and windows recognizes its there says everything is working corrrectly but it will not respond to any cd i put in it,acts like there is nothing in it,me thinks it’s defective as i can’t see anything else that could be wrong,but if anybody has any ideas please let me know,thanks.

Sorry this is mostly a cut and paste from another message I posted elsewhere. Don’t know if it applies to your situation. I’m a little pressed for time.

I have a Cyberdrive CW068D.

"It’s working great now but I initially had problems, big time. Nero 5.5 worked great but whenever I installed InCD (packet writing software) all h*ll broke loose. BSOD’s, the CDRW stopped recognizing all media except pressed CDROMs, and the HD activity light (not the CDRW light) would just turn on and stay on.

[Edit: problems were in Windows 98SE]

At the time I didn’t realize the problem was with InCD so I tried to find information on Cyberdrive drive problems.

There was no useful information at the Cyberdrive site.

I was getting ready to pack the thing up and send it back to Newegg when I finally found a link to software updates.

The new version of InCD fixed everything."

Nero and InCd updates can be obtained at Ahead’s site,