CyberDrive releases two new combo (CD-RW/DVD-ROM) recorders

I just posted the article CyberDrive releases two new combo (CD-RW/DVD-ROM) recorders.

Via the website we can read that CyberDrive has unveiled two new combo
(CD-RW/DVD-ROM) drives. The first combo drive supports 48x read and write
speeds, 24x re-writing and 16x…

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Oh dear, don’t tell me there is no where for me to get an updated driver for my CB511D Combo. I have the 48 speed one and it was on my computer when it came to me - a rebuilt second hand one. The owner did not have any manuals or discs (or kept them…?). Now my driver is corrupted. Any ideas on where I can download the driver for it? I tried the web site on this page with no results. Are they even still in biz if this came out in 2003? Can anyone help me please? :c