CYBERDRIVE(pacific digital) can be crack?

Hi all i was wondering, i just purchase my cyber drive 32x12x48. and i was wondering if i can upgrade it to 40x with a firmware? from liton or something like that?
thnx you:-)

A cyberdrive you say?

Cyberdrive makes their own drives. If you are lucky you may upgrade it to the 36X cyberdrive, but don’t expect more.

Sorry can’t help anymore, don’t even know what tool you need to do the flash…

mtkflash will most likely not work since it uses an OAK chipset…

I’ve got the same drive, latest firmware is 120D (07/05/02)

Here’s the drive’s home page and technical data.

I’ve heard that CyberDrive always make their own CDRW drives, but I can’t be sure and there’s a guy at the forum who says it’s a rebadged LiteOn -> here.

Here’s info on the CW058D -> (note the transition from 16x to 20x and from 20x to 24x where the speed doesn’t drop)

Oh yeah, and it can burn up to 99:59:00

I’d be interested in any possibility of improving the drive so please let me know if I can provide any details to help identify it further. :slight_smile: