Cyberdrive issue

I’m curious to know if anyone else thinks this is a major problem with the drive or not.
I have a Cyberdrive CDRW/DVD combo drive and its been pretty good at what i’ve used it for.
The thing is, that it seems to have an issue with re-reading cd’s/dvd’s.
An example would be the other say when i was copying some folders from a cd. It starting spinning-up to read the cd and then copied the data, then while it was copying, went a bit quieter, but continued to copy the rest of the data. Then when i tried to drag another folder, it started making strange noises and came up with an error sayign something like it couldn’t read the disc.
Its also done this with reading directories on a disc. Windows would bring up the directory listing and then i’d do something else and then i’d try refreshing the list of drag something from the disc and it would sit there constantly flickering, like its having difficulty reading the disc.
The wierd thing is, that if i eject the disc and put it back in again, its fine again.

Does anything think this is something which warrants returning the drive?

I would also like to know why the support for this drive is virtually non-exsistent!