Cyberdrive DX082D Sucks A$$!

I recently purchased the Khypermedia KDVRW8X (aka Cyberdrive DX082D) and have had nothing but problems. Its a sad day when you waste almost 10 yuden discs because the damn burner freezes around 15% consistently.

Since the first drive kept killing my disc’s I have returned it to Office max assuming that it was a deffect but the replacement is behaving exactly the same.

The only work-around I’ve been able to conjour is to let the drive cool after a rip or burn before attempting to use it again. I typically wait 30-40 minutes between activities.

If anyone has also experienced this problem or has any suggestions please let me know…

Ben Sullins

Could try updating firmware, ide drivers or a different brand of media. If you have another PC you could put it in, that would tell you if it is the drive or the PC. There are fake TYs floating around. Personally would take drive back and get a BenQ 1620 or NEC 3500.

I have 2 of those Cyberdrives and two Benq 800@822’s and all work perfectly fine. Are you using + or - media? Neither the Cyberdrive or Benq work very well with - media but both are awesome at + media. And I don’t have to let anything cool, I burn one after another with no problems. If you are having heat problems, I would bet your case cooling and air flow is the problem and it is only showing itself when burning a disk.

I’m using DVD+R’s
I’ve upgraded the Firmware to allow for -R burning.
Unable to find an Office max with the BenQ (Made in Malaysia) version

Will check the cooling situation, and see if a buddy can test it in his PC.

Thanks for the help, i’ll reply with results when they come…

Ben Sullins

has your situation been fixed yet? Currious to know!


I just installed one of these drives into a Pentium II system (using it as a secondary DVD burner). It works fine. Weird: it burns at 8x better than my BenQ DW800a does. It also burns some Optodisk DVD+RW media much more cleanly than the BenQ does. Burns onto Ritek RiData 4x media (at 8x) aren’t quite as good as the BenQ burner does but are still very good. This is a decent burner. I think you must just have gotten a bad one.