Cyberdrive DM126 is weird



HI ppl.

This is my first time ever to post. So here it goes

I have a Cyberdrive DM 126 '01/02/28 dvdrom.
My problem with it is that i cant play or use any dvd, however weird it might sound.
It can read cd’s and so on, but not any dvds.
I havent tampered with the firmware or drivers.

My OS is Xp pro sp1

Any suggestions to what the problem could be, i have no idea as i am used to drives working properly


The problem is that it is a Cyberdrive. :Z :Z :Z
Sorry but I wasted money on one also. Found cdfreaks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: trying to get it to work and have been a LiteOn user ever since.


Thx for your reply.

I’ll consider buying a new dvdrom :slight_smile: