Cyberdrive CW099D

Anybody know of any cd-r out there that’ll let you record at 52x speeds for this drive? Im trying to find a good place to buy cheap media, but i wanta be able to burn at 52x speed. If anybody can help me find a place to buy these cd-r’s i’d be more then greatful.

There is no known 52x media at this time, unless you count some brands that are re-labeling 48x media as 52x. 52x speed severely pushes the limits of CDR media, most are not up to the task in a reliable way. Try any good quality brand like TY, Ritek, Prodisc, consult the media tests linked below.
Always test burned media for errors, and adjust your burn speed and/or media choice accordingly.

My question is for those who have this drive, what disc have you had successful burns at 52x speed??? Im also intrested to know who choose to buy this drive over the liteons.

I think that I did see Memorex CD-R media marked 52x the other day. Probably CMC junk, though.

Yeah but just because it says its a particular speed doesnt mean that it really is. I got fuji (taiyo) rated at 48x and this drive see’s it as a 40x. I wanna know what other cdr’s besides the one on cyberdrives list is being seen as a 52x capable cd

must you burn at 52x. its only a few seconds faster than 48x and the write quality is worse. just burn at 40x or 48x until 52x cdrs become more available.:slight_smile:

I understand what your saying. But i still would like to know how many others out there decided to get this drive over all the other 52x drives.