Cyberdrive CW099D Firmware




I have flashed my Cyber with the MTK-Tool, but something goes wrong and I can´t flash the firmware once more with the originally DOS- and Win-Flashtool from Cyberdrive.
So I need an originally Backup-File from the Cyberdrive CW099D made with the MTK-Tool.
Can someone send me this Backup-Firmware?

MfG Enigmas


I didn’t think that Cyberdrive’s were compatible with mtkflash… Perhaps it’s not recoverable.

What does mtkflash display when you run the “check” parameter, like “mtkflash # c”?


Hello Dave,

the answer is short: Nothing…
If I use mtkflash with the parameter “C” nothing happens. If I use mtkflash with the write option, it is flashing the firmware (I believe), because the information “bank 0”, “bank 1”, “bank2” and so on appears.
If I use the read option, it´s reading a few hundred kilobytes and then it stops (not at the end).



It may not be able to properly flash the drive. It sounds like it only screwed it up…