CyberDrive CW058D & Mt Rainier



Hi folks, I've just recieved a reply from CyberDrive support confirming that a firmware update for the CW058D with Mt Rainier support will be available in August.

we will provide a MT Rainier firmware for CW058 in August time frame. That
will be the time, when Windows XP will also support MT Rainier.

Best regards

Your support team


Does that mean that the XP SP will add MRW support? Or is a “Second Edition” of XP being released?


Must be a new feature in SP1, although I must admit, it’s not one that I was aware of. SP1 is due in mid-August. Quite frankly, I’m surprised they had the IMAPI service for writing CD’s in the first place. It’s pathetic.

Mt Rainier will be a welcome addition, as long as it’s implemented well and it works!! :slight_smile:

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