CyberDrive announces 32x and 36x CD-RW drives

I just posted the article CyberDrive announces 32x and 36x CD-RW drives.

Yesterday, I posted a news message about the new 32x writer from Asus. By then I already said why 32x, since there was almost no increase in (speed) performance compared to a 24x writer…

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No so good drives for a low price… I think they used to say that about Lite-On too.

Yep, Cyberdrive sucks. Lite-On did it too, some years ago, but things sure changed there. Also: The Average writing speed of the Cyberdrive is around 26.79X (with 80min CD), thanks to the ZCLV. Why bother buying a 36x then?

Maybe CyberDrive is willing to send us one (36x) to review :stuck_out_tongue:

From 24 to 32 you are saving about 40 seconds a burn, but your hardware is going to have to be able to pipe the 5.4mb/second - that’s some task. Perhaps the new ATA133 will help! :slight_smile:

5.4 mb/sec a problem? dude, i got nearly 8mb/sec over lan and 10mb/sec filecopy from my primary hdd onto my secondary hdd although both are on the same ide channel!

You are thinking megabITs methinks - for example: a modem does 56kiloBITS not kiloBYTES.

theEye is about right - it’s MegaBytes. If you think about it the problem is probably not due to ATA - even ATA33 is 33MB/s (MegaBytes more than enough) - it’s more to do with the harddisk speed. Let’s say fastest IDE harddisk speed is 10MB/s - increasing ATA speed is not going to help much - unless you have more than 1 harddisk. Every device is speeding up except harddisks. When are they going to make superfast harddisks? When do we see Windows will boot up like hell.

super fast hard disk , they exist , SCSI !!

SCSI is fairly fast, but not the superfast I’m after!! Even with SCSI - I don’t think shitty Windows packed with applications load in say 3 seconds.