CyberDrive 36x and 32x Liteon?

I have a Cyberdrive cw058d and a cw068d and a Lite on ltr- 32123s and they all came with the 120d firmware inside. How can they have the same f/w and one be a 36x and two be 32x? The 36x was made on 4-2002 and the LTR was made on 1-2002. I don’t know the date on the other Cyberdrive cause its in a puter.
These three drives are not in a puter right now so I can’t check for speed yet.
So what ya think ??

120d for the cyberdrives sonds right. (both 32X and 36X drives may have the same firmware version, depends on how the manufacturer makes it).

But the lite-on will not have 120d firmware it will have XS0? firmware…