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Another review of the guys at CDRlabs. This time they took some time to review the latest drive of CyberDrive. This drive writes at 32 speed, rewrites at 12 speed and reads at 48 speed.


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If you read the whole review Ian also says that it was able to copy Serious Sam: Second Encounter, and Max Payne!!! These are safedisk 2.51 no??? “CyberDrive claims that the the CW058D with the 100D firmware can do EFM encoding correctly using CloneCD. The CloneCD website also lists the CW058D as a drive that “writes regular bit patterns almost correctly.” While we don’t usually dwell on how well a drive can copy a protected CD, I wanted to see if this feature actually worked. You can imagine how surprised I was when the copies I made of Max Payne and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter were playable in my Lite-On LTD163 DVD-ROM drive. And yes, the “amplify weak sector” support was turned off.” At $75US this seems like a great drive if it can really do SD 2.51!!! It was also the fastest 32X drive tested!!!

Drives are so cheap these days you can just go and buy whatever you find in the local store instead of reading reviews about zillions of brands and models.

Lows: This drive sounds like an airplane to take off. I guess he had his headphones jacked in to some loud music :slight_smile:

Making a backup of Serious Sam the Second Encounter was no big deal with my Samsung 16x10x32x drive, did it a few weeks ago. However I did buy this cyberdrive over the weekend for $81.00 and its fantastic, very quiet and quick, I’m happy with it.

suomynona said this drive sounds like an airplane taking off. I suggest he or she return the drive and get one that works right! Mine is beautifully quiet. I adore burning a full 74-minute CD in 139 seconds.