Cyberdrive 038D troubles (audio cd)

Hi All!

I’m the resent owner of a Cyberdrive 038D writer (16-12-40) and i’ve been having some troubles with it. When I copy audio cd’s with clonecd the first copy will be perfect, If I then make copy of my copy it will contain scatter noises. These will be present both when i record directly between my CDR and my writer, and when I mirror inbetween. The scattering noises also appear when I use Nero. Is my burner broke ? Is it a driver isshue ?
I use win2k, 1GHz celly, 256 ram.

what version of clonecd and nero are you using

It’s clonecd and nero5…

First, please upgrade to the latest versions:

-CloneCD v3.3.4.1 (
-Nero v5.5.6.4 (

Second, audio is more sensitve to errors than data. Please use proper media (CD-R’s) and if you’re still having problems please lower the writing speed. I don’t know if your writer is a quality writer so I can’t give you more info on that.

Also please note that CloneCD is not a real audio copy program. It was intended for data since it uses sector-to-sector copying and a normal audio program like Feurio! or EAC use Digital Audio Extraction.


I will try what you’re proposing, hope it works out!

Latest version of Nero is

Originally posted by suomynona
Latest version of Nero is

thats the un-official version