Cybercrime Treaty May Save Lives as Well as Money

I just posted the article Cybercrime Treaty May Save Lives as Well as Money.

New computer crime laws are like a fight against the windmils.

BUDAPEST A European convention to be signed on Friday aims to unite countries in the fight against computer criminals, who have moved…

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If the cybercrime Treaty prohibits bypassing copy protections what does that mean for music cd’s because many countries allow private copies? What about hardware (cd-writers) and software (ccd) that can bypass copy protections? Will they also be forbidden?

Joey, I really think that this will have no impact upon copying. It’s already illegal to copy for sale, gift or public performance and no-one is suggesting that cdrws are to be forbidden. It’s damn pathetic to see the runway lights example again. I mean, for god’s sake why are they controlled by an WAN PC? The whole thing seems ridiculously unlikely anyhow. Another example of governenments trying to get more power over the whole computer world. :frowning: