Cyber Monday



I am making a new thread so we can have all the deals here.

If anyone finds and Garmin Nuvi deals PLEASE post them here, my budget is
around $100 though but I don’t think they will hit that price.


compusa at $119.99 is the lowest ive found so far


Garmin nüvi 650 GPS Unit - 4.3" Touchscreen $150 (refurbished 1 yr. warranty)

If you’re not a member, it will show up as a deal tomorrow. This is a “sneak preview offer”.


negritude posted this in the Fantom thread, but I don’t like the way they contradict themselves, so I probably won’t ever buy anything here again:


Sams had the nuvi 200 for $94.69, Walmart had the nuvi 200 for $95 last Friday, don’t know if it still holding up today. I was at Sams on Friday and they had quite a few. Read the amazon user comment site about which serial number to get. Apparently there are some unis with old maps and some with new. To upgrade it will cost you $65.


GPS deals in the midrange:

Newegg’s Garmin page:
255W $199
760 $249

Costco’s Garmin page:|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&D=Garmin&search=Garmin&Ntt=Garmin
I just bagged a 750

Garmin’s model numbering scheme doesn’t seem to reflect hi-lo end
255W is very similar to 760
Garmin compare:

Best Buy $50 Garmin coupon:
Says “Racing Club Member Offer” on the coupon
Expires 12/31/08
See second post…might be worth a try


Anyone spotted a deal on Garmin maps (NOT updates - the full CityNav or Topo)?

And I’m just not understanding their unlock scheme… The DVDs have to be unlocked, but the SD cards don’t?


Magellan 1412 (recert) $99.99
Garmin 750 (recert) $169.99
Garmin 760 $249.99
Free shipping all :