Cyber Monday beats analyst expectations

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The holiday shopping season has kicked off better than expected for retailers across the world, even with consumers willing to budget their shopping this year.
Although the U.S. economy is in a…

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Funny, the local news last night was just reporting how slow holiday sales are nationwide. Maybe the web traffic didn’t result in that many sales?

They are also freaking out that everyone is “done” shopping now LOL! Supposedly what they did sell was not that profitable too as people were ONLY buying super discounted stuff. Reports also indicate folks set their sights lower when shopping, buying less expensive items. I guess I will be getting a lot of new socks this year!

In addition, there are 5 less days between Black Friday and Christmas, and this means one less weekend too, so it is logical that there would be more activity earlier on.

I heard the samething at Fry’s Electronics. They were selling only there super discounted blu ray titles and it was bringing down there score. They brought a sales guy over to try and get people to buy the other stuff but even he was like “How the hell am I going to do that?”

@ Crabby

“In addition, there are 5 less days”

Fewer, not less. The basic rule is that you use “less” with mass nouns and “fewer” with count nouns. Never let it be said that the Duke doesn’t care about your grammar skills.

Could have fooled me… I saw absolutely nothing decent on Cyber Monday… I was hoping to score a laptop or an LCD for the bedroom…
The stores I went to Black Friday evening were packed but hardly anything was selling out, they still had huge stock on the floor… Obviously I also left exmpty handed, but all this talk that it met market expectations is a bunch of bull… Unless those expectations were really low, then it would hold water…