Cyber cops crack warez gang

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The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) has revealed that one of its first operations has been to help crack an international global software piracy organisation. The unit, set up with £25 million…

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But these people are not warez groups. These are llamas who duplicate/distribute for making money. True Warez groups just release stuff for the cudos.

I agree with peadophile crackdowns. That’s where they should be focussing. As for the warez, they really shouldn’t bother with it. And just a note to DLid - this is really old news that was already posted here months ago.

what’s up with cdfreaks and anceint “news”?

Good to see these news on our beloved CDFreaks. But rememeber to check the date :wink:

Nila, I also agree with the peadophile crackdowns.That spam garbage is everywhere and for all to see. But for the average users to try and find warez is more difficult. Gee I wonder if big business is backing’em.

I sometimes think that if i was a big company realeasing games for £30 a go, i’d start my own ‘counterfeit’ operation and flood the pirate markets with cheap copies of my game, without the box etc and on cheap cd’s. You wouldnt lose any customers that bought the game legally anyway, but you’d get a lot more people who usually buy illegal copies giving you their money as well, and even if they didnt buy it at the full price, the profit from a counterfeit cd would be better than the nothing you would otherwise get, right? :4

Good marketing idea Dood! Except I would have it as 2 compainies one for the retail niche, nice box, pretty cover 1-900 dollar-a-minute technical/cheatcode/help line; and one 'pirate’WYSIWYG distributer! Hmmm now that gives me an idea… I think I’ll just have to email $ierra etc…

why thankyou Crazywolf :o

Yeee these people, are bored. They have nothing better to do than harrass people. :frowning:

People. no mather how we look at this, warez is bad. If it is doing it for money or for cudos, either way it is stealing. I am totally into burning games and apps and i use to be into FTP groups and shit like that, but when you think about it, it might be fun for you but it is hurting other people. I know that Bill gates has a lot of money and that no feels sorry for the guy when people talk about how Windows XP failed and got cracked and how you can download it for free, but Bill gates is not the one being hurt, it is the countless programmers that are up all night for weeks at a time trying to get an OS out their that any average human can use. These are the people that are getting hurt by warez groups, because when christmas comes and they get their bonus, it is not going to be as much as it could have been if everyone that was running Microsoft products would have gone out and actually paid for it. You people say how warez will never die and how the scene will always stay on top. Well you are all supporting criminals that are stealing money that extremely hard working programmers worked for. I know how you all feel because i felt the same way, but think about what is actually going on and what copying CDs and sharing files has done to software companies around the world.

I hate to disagree Chalbing but I have to. Although I feel some companies are loosing out to warez, the programmers at Microsoft aren’t. They all get huge bonuses and people using illegal copies of XP doesn’t effect these copies. Most of the people who use warez copies of software would never go out and purchase the software itself if they had to pay for it. They’d just stop using a lot of it and by using it they are promoting it’s use and presumably recommending it to their friends. I personally have been using a warez copy of Photoshop for years now. It’s how I learnt all my skills on it (they’re not all that great). Without the warez copy I would never have touched Photoshop, I’d have used a cheap program like PSP or something. Thanks to me learning how to use the warez copy however I now ask anyone I work for to have a copy of photoshop as part of what I require to work with. This is giving Adobe business. I now know how to use it and so am giving them extra profits. Also - another extremely good example - I have been using a warez copy of Flash for years now, not in a large way, mainly just for playing with and making some silly pages just to play around with. I’m hardly going to pay 100’s to be able to do that. A company is now hiring me to make them a site and I’m doing it in flash because I know how to use it fairly well now, the company is going to go out and pay for the license for the latest version of flash. Again this is purely because I got to learn with a free copy. Businesses and people making a reasonable profit from a product should definitely pay for it and although they do offer discounts to students these discounts are not substantial enough for students like me that are totally broke. For smaller programs that are designed more for the home user than for businesses then obviously warez will hit them harder as they aren’t exactly going to be making work pay for them. It’s these smaller businesses that are hurt the most by warez. Trillian for example is a great program and although I haven’t actually done it yet, I do plan to donate to them for all their hard work and the effort they put in. This is a company that is doing it right, they’re putting all their effort into making their product good and not into wasting time developing protection for it like MS did with XP which me and several friends have all found to be extremely bug filled and unstable. If they’d spent all the effort they put into the protection into fixing bugs we’d all be a lot happier with it and feel better about giving them our money.

i’ll never buy that the majority of companies are hurt at all by piracy. i don’t condone such behaviour, but these big companies became large dispite people copying and sharing their software. it’s no bigger a problem now than it was ten years ago, and, if a lot of them weren’t greedy in pricing thier software to begin with perhaps people would be more prone to fork out the cash. most people are just finding software that they otherwise would have not purchased in the first place – that’s not hurting anybody. in fact, it’s aiding some. and if corporations don’t take into account that some people will copy their software, then they aren’t very intelligent to begin with. etc.

Well Nila, What OS are you running right now? Cause you say that people that run Warez versions of stuff would never pay for that software anwayz, if this is true then what OS would they be running if the warez versions did not exist. are you saying that everyone that is running Windows Illegally would be running Linux if the illegal versions of windows where not avalible, sorry man i don’t buy it.

chalbing I’d have to say that the free advertising the companies get could be good and bad but only from a knowledge base that let’s the person determain wether they’re going to waiste money on a product that may not be worth it, i’ve tried programs and games out that i would have bean upset to have waisted my money on. Things can look good till you try them out and find out you could make a mistake. I’ll bet the Companies hate people finding out how crappy their product is before they force them in a sucker deal with no return policy :wink:

I’m sorry but I really don’t get it. You get all sorts of information to copy any protected CD here (and this information can be used for illegal use). And now you all say Warez is bad!? Don’t be a lamer, you’re Warez in person :slight_smile:

I agree that these software vendors/programmers/etc don’t lose much of their money on the average user, who sometimes downloads a crack/illegal distribution to try out the sofware. But that’s not what I was gonna say. You guys were talking about Win XP. And the fact that one could download it for free from FTP/KaZaA/Gnutella etc. One of the copies found on the internet was released months before the official release of XP. You know who did this? A Micro$oft [:r] employee. Hehe. So there is no point discussing it. Well just see where this ends. And open-source software is getting more populair every day.

My reaction to hacking win xp and others is that if more of us went with Linux we wouldn’t have to wory about it since Linux is free who would need to hack it. Go Linux Dan