CXDVD freezes with an hour to go



Sorry if this is an easy question but I am a complete noob with this software. The problem I have is that I have some mp4 files that I wish to convert to DVD. Now, the first file worked brilliantly and was really impressed with it. Since then I have tried three other files, all mp4, and it always freezes with about an hour to go (usually around the 80 - 85% mark). I only had one other programme running and that has been running every time I’ve used CXD (even the successful time). Any help, no matter how insignificant would be very much appreciated as I’m getting really stressed as it’s an amazing programme and would like to be able to use it for all my mp4 files.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

When you say freeze what exactly does that mean and what to you do to “unfreeze”? you just cancel the conversion? or you have to abort the program from task manager? Is ConvertXtoDVD creating log files of these conversions? If you can you paste a log file here? (you will find the log file here C:\Documents and Settings[your name]\Application Data\Vso)

You mention this other programme running? can you stop it and see what happens if you convert without ANYTHING else running?

Could your system be overheating? is there a screen saver that goes into actions?