CxD - Random Crashes

Me again. The five-second crashes went away almost as soon as I posted them (to my extreme frustration) so I was able to burn a few DVDs. Then crashes occured with about a 90% success rate (success for whatever is making the crashes) after about 30-60 minutes of conversion, or the time needed for one of the nine files. I recently defragmented my hard drive and performed full virus scans with two different programs, and the last two attempts since haven’t been any different. The last thread I made got a response mentioning a possible CPU overclocking, so I checked the process tab in the Task Manager during the last dozen or so attempts (before and after the defrag+scans). Each time CxD has risen from below five percent up to the high 90s, and total CPU usage was almost always at 100% I found that lowering CxD’s priority will affect how much power it uses, but not the total (explorer.exe picks up the slack). Strangely, this also made unrelated programs, even video players, capable of running at full capacity during a conversion. And finally, there were no log files from any of the failed conversions.

Hi there,

When ConvertXtoDVD crashes, there’s a [B]ConvertXtoDVD_Crash.log[/B] that exists in your

[B]C:\Documents and Settings[USERNAME]\Application Data\Vso[/B]

[B]BUT Do not restart ConvertXtoDVD[/B], since it will delete that Crash.log and create a fresh one.

I have a feeling it’s a heat problem as you mentioned.

Try a convertion with the TOP removed and/or with a big fan blowing air on the CPU/Motherboard.

Good Luck !