Cx-Scan with QPxTool 0.5.3

QPxTool 0.5.3 is now with Cx-Scan support on Benq drives.
Please can you do some testing?

Would it be correct to assume, that QPxTool only runs on Linux and perhaps other Unix-like operating systems, and that it doesn’t run on Windows?

I think that little piece of information would be important to anyone who considers trying out QPxTool!

Of course you are right. I was thinking mainly about the persons who already use QPxTool and in this relation the important message was, that Benq drives are now supported with Cx-Scans.

So QPxTool is known to be working with linux and FreeBSD. A Mac-OS-X and windows version is in the discussion and propably will be available in a few months.

Wow, i always wanted to use cd-speed whilst using linux. So glad that a linux prog that finally supports BenQ quality scans is available. Thanks for the news