CW speeds up online TV episode availability to combat piracy



CW speeds up online TV episode availability to combat piracy.

[newsimage][/newsimage]With the authorities cracking down on digital file sharing and piracy all over the world via courts of law, the TV channel CW will begin battling in their own way: will feature newly aired episodes of its programming just eight hours after their original playtime.

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I think it’s more a case that the broadcasters are discovering that making people WAIT simply doesn’t work.

Fact is CBS formerly allowed you to stream broadcast episodes of various shows
as soon as the episode had finished it’s pacific time airing.

Meaning that I could watch (for example) a CSI episode that originally aired at 10pm eastern time at 1am the following morning, as soon as the pacific time airing had completed.

South Park studios did the same. (though for SouthPark I’ll actually support Matt and Trey’s excellent work, I buy the DVD’s)

Call me old fashioned, but I like physical copies

the delay in the hopes that they’d sell more DRM copies on iTunes if they delayed
allowing it to stream on the web is misplaced, all it did was force me to buy a better PCIe Tuner card to put into a dedicated system I threw together specifically to DVR the shows myself (Picture me with middle finger raised on high)

So this new item about a broadcaster (CW) realizing that delaying access didn’t work.

We can only hope others will learn the same lesson



They’re still delaying by 8 hours. The pirated version is on the internet a few minutes after the show airs on the east coast. I don’t think 8 hours is really going to help. That 7 hours and 55 minutes longer then a pirating internet user has to wait.


Eight hours is nothing though to most people.

I remember buying a DVD years ago on holiday in the US and my sister-in-law having to wait for six months after that for the UK release.

To be honest I didn’t realise when we’d bought it as it was only when she queried how we’d managed to have seen it, when she’d pre-booked it so far in advance, that the penny dropped.

I don’t think that would be sustainable nowadays though.