CW 4001 how to upgrade

I have a 40x/12x/48x CD-RW that was in a Cendyne box and has a model number on the drive of CW 4001. I am not even sure which manufacturer this is, much less whether it is upgradable to 48x. I would like to at least know the manufacturer, or where I could download compatible firmware in case something goes wrong with the drive. Does anyone know what type of drive this is, or whether it is compatible with another company’s firmware? Any help is much appreciated.

see this post:

I believe you have a MSI MS-8340S (aka CR40-A2). I successfully flashed it using the firmware update from MSI’s web site. . Initially the drive that was reported as “ATAPI CD-RW 40/12/48X” with Firmware Revision 100C. Now it is a “MSI CD-RW MS-8340S” with Firmware Revision 120D.