Cvt of G7N9 firmware



where can i found the cvt file?
and… does anyone know if this fw allows 4x on dl media?
thank you


As far as I know there is no G7N9.cvt firmware file.


is it possibile to extract if from the drive?


I don’t know, if it would be that easy someonewould have already done it.
Take a look at the Dangerous Brothers site if your looking for such firmware (bit you won’t find it). But why are you so desperate looking for B7N9.cvt??
There are different good firmwares for Benq available, and one new B7U9 on it’s way.


If you want it for using, why not get a newer revision as recommended above?

If you have to flash it back for warranty reasons, you may get a cvt file for any G firmware, flash it with the Win or DOS cvt flash program, then use the normal BenQ updater to get to G7N9.

Not sure but some people again say go to any G firmware, then to G7L9, then to the one you desire. May be black magic or Voodoo or whatever, but no one complained and hey, it is just 2 more reboots :wink:


but there is no ufficial Benq update to get back to G7N9. here is the problem. or am i wrong?


Would say you are right. I had G7L9 on my writer, and it was not a great firmware. I do not think you would even want to use G7N9 - if it were good, why does BenQ not offer it to download?

As long as you dont crossflash, your warranty is untouched. Flash to G7L9 and then to G7P9 (or whatever on your national BenQ website is the latest recommended firmware, her in EU it appears to be G7M9) and you should be fine.

If you get an updater program from here, all marked as “original” are genuine BenQ updaters, either B or G versions: