CVT firmware Benq EW 162I

I want to know where I can find cvt firmware for Benq ew 162I to flash a 1620 as external ? I hope that someone will can help me.Sorry for my bad english.

Thank’s for the answer but I get a 403 Forbidden when i clicked on this link

Hi :slight_smile:
Hopefully you’ve got the file now. If you haven’t or for future reference, your problem is because your using FF. Right click link & goto open link in an IE tab. You should then be able to access file.

had similar problems flashing my benq 1620 with varius f/wares mostly to test ... then after a flash (with 1621 f/w) my drive stopped working and if connected my pc refused to boot ... the good thing was that could be seen in bios .... so TDB came to my resque ... they have a dos flasher the one that zebadee mention above , that gave me back my benq after flashing it in dos with a cvt f/w... since then that flasher was/is my way out after a bad flash ... restoring my drive every time.... keep that in mind in case you need it...

I wouldn,t do that … look above…
Tryed do find a way to make my 1620 work as an ext.dvdrw but allmost “lost” it…

Thank’s to all for your interest particularely zebadee .In FF by right click I don’t have:open link in a IE tab how i can got this optionThank’s again

Hi :slight_smile:
Install this addon:

Thank’s again and again.
But my 1620 even with this firmware refuse to do his job. I will try to know why in an another post. See you later

I tried this firmware on my 1620 with an R-Driver II USB-IDE adapter but it made no difference in performance. 15MBps burst on the default cable, dropping down to 12MBps with a 6ft extension cable.