Cutting with Vision Express doesn't succeed

When I edit small mpeg files, the cutting is not a problem.
But my big file, lasting 1:21:10, all the other editing thing will be in the vob files finaly, but nót my cutting action :frowning: .
This file is about 3.4 Gb, can’t NVE3 cut big files?

Pity, no reaction yet.
I’ve found out that all the changes I’ve made are in the burned dvd, but not the cut. Well there is a cut at the end: the movie has become shorter but only in time. It was 1:30h and is now 1:21h. But the part itself is still at the end of it and the rest of the film is complete ofcourse.
I gues it’s a small thing that I misunderstood.

I think I have the solution.
I have captured the film with Pinnacle PCTV Vision. Maybe this way is not completely compatible with Nero Vision Express.
Now I captured a movie with Studio 9 and cut sucsessfully a part.
Then I did some editing with NVE and everything went fine.
Strange if you think that an mpeg is an mpeg.
I have to ask the Nero guys of this is the point.

@ Malfidius
Welcome:)(belatedly) Sorry no-one could answer your problem here, but thanks for sharing your solution with us…it may help someone else some day!