Cutting up .avi without losing quality to burn on dvd



helllo! I’m new here.

Okay I have a lot of anime to burn on DVD, and the total size of the series is 4.5gb and that is way over the limit of mine. I just need to cut a few things here and there in each anime so I can fit everything.

The question is, what do I use to split and combine .avi files encoded in xvid? I am planning to remove the intro song and end song. I also don’t want to lose any quality, so none of the compression things. I need it uncompressed.

Thank you!


One word: VirtualDub :slight_smile:


I downloaded virtual dub. Then… marked down the opening sequence and deleted it.

then i went Compression, Xvid mpeg-4 , because that is what the anime is compressed with.

Then i go… Save AVI, and that takes about 35 minutes!! Is there a faster way? It just takes too long if I have to do it to all the episodes