Cuts in audio cds and mp3



When I’m listening to mp3s or audio cds on my pc I get lots of cuts in it. It doen’t happened when viewing movies from dvds. What also notice is that when listening to audio cds the HD led is always on. Why is that, since I’m using the cdrom drive? The same led is off when using dvds.
Please help since I believe that those cuts in the sound are due to this access of the HD.


What program do you use to listen to the mp3’s and audio ?

If it’s winamp it could be that the preloading is taking so much cpu time there’s little left for playing.


it happens on winamp and also with WMP7. The cuts happen sometimes in a song, randomly. this is also valid while watching VCDs. I have a Athlon 900 Mhz 256 Ram 20Gigs and a CD-RW and DVD-ROM. I tried many things and still get these nasty cuts. I won’t see or hear them on my (stand alone) DVD player.
cheers for your help


Had similar problems, then went to the knowledge base on Microsoft’s site and they recommend several things, fur us, the first thing worked.

We had to change the disk drive and the CD player to DMA. that fixed the problem for Media Player 7.1.

No I’m trying to see what add-ins I need for Winamp to upgrade the sound quality.

But, if you recommend an add-in, please mention one of the free ones.

Thanks in advance