Cuting up a video

i have an mepg video, i wish to cut out the other half of the video, which software is best for cutting it up without losing too much quality?

the video is about 1.5gb and runs for 20mins, i only need the first 10min of it, i don’t want to lost more than 30 percent of it’s orignal quality.

please recommand me a software, it oculd be shareware or freeware, please help me.

many thanks

You need a video editor. I “love” mpg.vcr but it costs about $50 from memory (well worth it). Google “chainsaw” for a free “cutter”. It will work for the occasional file, but I wouldn’t use it “all the time” for what you want. /// bobbo.

So that makes me think you should just google for “mpeg editor free download” and see what turns up?

You could use something like Ulead VideoStudio 10 or Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 and specify to NOT re-convert already compliant MPEG files, I believe.

There are probably TONS of stuff out there for video. You could hop over to GOOGLE or YAHOO search and type in your parameters and narrow your search that way. It may be faster than waiting for replies from others.

You could try this site too:

Good luck.

Cuttermaran (not sure if it’s spelled right) is free. Check at