Hey, did anybody try CuteMX ( )? I just installed it and it looks pretty good! It’s a File-Sharing program from the guys that made CuteFTP…
Not many users online yet but I guess that’ll change soon if this program is really as good as it looks at first sight…

(btw… I hope this isn’t old news and I’m making a fool out off myself here )


is there also a crack or serial for this prog?


I know the app, tried it a while ago, but .#.*!.@… (well, u can fill in the gaps)

I know better things.

PS Crack at

And then there was nothing


i tried it and i think it kewl…

what do you need a crack for anyway ? mine works perfectly without one.



CuteMX is the best Filesharing prog I know.
Stable as hell!! Options no other prog has.
The correct URL to get is:

Hope this helps to increase the number of users