CuteMX Up and Running Again



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CuteMX is a Napster like program, that can be used for MP3 and for any other type of files…

GlobalSCAPE, most well-known for its flagship software CuteFTP has announced the…

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Who wants to download legal stuff?? All the legal stuff we’d want to download we can get off of mainstream sites with high bandwidth speeds and no moron on the other end to cut us off. If we want to pass each other our homework that’s why the invented e-mail.

This sounds pretty lame to me or am I totally missing some point


i agree
they’ll get about 1000 downloads and then everyone will realize that they are wasting their time and leave


i think domin8or is meaning us to laugh.

is globalsoft owned by microsoft or something?


Now we have 2 illegal sites turning legal!! Is that their punishment 4 being naughty??? Now that is really harsh 2 become legal software distributors because most of them are shareware or trialware! Wonder whats gonna happen when they close all the major illegal sites???


Only legal stuff? I’ve tried it out. There are a lots of divx movies that can be downloaded with CuteMX Doesn’t seem that legal to me.