CuteMX is restricting access

I just posted the article CuteMX is restricting access.

Source: GlobalScape

GlobalSCAPE, Inc. announced today it is restricting public access to its CuteMX service pending the Company’s review of further developments surrounding the preliminary…

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What you need to use CuteMX:

1- A Lot of Pacience
2- A botie and a suite

What a bull, we got to cut the crap by the root, kill the judge :smiley:

Internet is taking over by biss. craps and justice. No more freedom in the future for compu freaks. This is just the begining. Lets return to a commodor 64 :slight_smile:
Just nice for warez/audio dealers this story !

Just use Scour Exchange right now, it’s almost ass good as Napster we only need more users!!! And RIAA u can never stop the millions of pirates around the globe. If you shut one down the other will slam back into ya ugly faces even harder. Were ya’ll gonna be with our money…right shot up in a gutter were evry RIAA member is gonna be sooner or later. Right our crew is try to hack in some data bases, we never liked you and maybe we just gonna have to help the world get rid of you. Watch your shoulder cuase you caused this Cyberwarfare. but the bullets still hurt as much as years ago. You’ll never win this war, so little of you so much of us. And Napster rocks on after they get shut down!! You’ll will see how…