Cut parts out of the middle of AVIs


I need software that will let me take AVIs (variety of codecs) and cut parts out of the MIDDLE and make a new file WITHOUT re-encoding. If you recommend VirtualDub, please include how I’m supposed to do this and get a WORKING file as a result.

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Perservere,with virtual dub.It’s excellent for removing ads etc.
Basically,(as I’m still learning it myself)choose your avi.
In the "video"menu select “direct stream copy”.
In the"file"menu select “save as avi”.
If you hold the pointer over a button,it give you a description of what it does.
It’s a well designed programme,in my opinion.Just a little intimidating to begin with.
Hope this helps,someone with more experience might be able to explain it better.

I forgot to mention,-The help file in it is actually quite helpful.
A novel experience for me.
And the website has some good stuff on it too.

Though I still use VD occasionally, my-go-to avi app these days is AviDemux…It’s user friendlier, as opposed to VD (IMO) and it works great… It not only supports avi but several other formats as well…It’s a nice [I]simple[/I] edit/cut app with filtering options and it will [I]not[/I] re-encode when doing simple cutting and when saving output, using the same format as imported file(e.g. AVI->AVI)…

Plus 1 for AVI DeMux. Set vid and audeo to ‘Copy’ and cut on key frames. No recode.