Cut out commercials using Vegas?

Can someone guide me in the direction of how to cut out commercials using the Sony Vegas 4.0 Program? Is there any programs that will let me do this easier? Let me know thanks.

Why don’t you ask the manufacturer of that program first??

Hmmmm. I thought this was the whole idea of a forum like this to ask questions…All he was trying to do was get help…kinda rash reply

This is a expensive commercial video editing tool, not freeware or similar.

If it really doesn’t come with an (online)help, the manufacturer should give 1st step support.

If you are editing a DVD, DVD Shrink (freeware) allows you to do this.

ok well first off I mad a typo it is vegas 6.0 and I recorded tv and I want to cut out the commercials so how can I do this? If it is hard to do on veags what are some programs I can use that make it easier to do? Thanks.