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Hello all.
I have a recorded TV show in Microsoft Recorded TV Show format (dvr-ms) that has a lot of commercials in it. So I would like to ask wich program should I use to cut these commercials out? And after that maybe convert it to another format, cause I don’t quite like this one. It’s good the other way around too, I mean first convert it with a program and than cut the ads out with maybe Boilsoft AVI MPG Splitter. So please recommend me either an ad cutting or a good converting (dvr-ms compatible…) program.
Thanks is advance!

When I had a pseudo media PC which only recorded in DVR-MS, I found that VideoRedo handled the conversions to MPEG2 and ad-cutting very well.

You can try it out for yourself - there’s a month’s free full-feature trial available from the site…:

I prefer to use VideoRedo for cutting out ads, though I mostly do it manually instead of with the automatic function.

There is another tool that is available for this process, called DVRMSToolbox. Unlike VideoRedo, it is free to use. There are two versions available now, one for XP and one for Vista. Found here
It can convert to mpeg, which is how I’ve used it. I then use an authoring program to combine mpegs into a dvd with a menu.

Yes I completely agree: the manual method is the only reliable way to edit.

Thank you very much! I’ll try this DVRMSToolbox, see what it comes out…:slight_smile:

I don’t know if it will work with DVR-MS, but I use AVIsynth to cut out commercials from TV shows I’ve recorded on my ATI TV Tuner wonder before encoding to watch on my iPod. Here’s what my AVS script looks like:

# Load the required plugins.

	loadplugin("C:\Program Files\AVIsynth 2.5\Plugins\Decomb522.dll")

# Define the input audio/video stream.


# Since this movie came from standard cable TV, it's 480i@30fps.
# We want to watch the end result on an iPod, so we want a it to be
# progressive rather than interlaced. So we'll do a full blend
# deinterlace and resize the movie to 320x240.

	FieldDeinterlace(blend=true, full=true)

# This defines two seconds of dead air which we'll put in the place
# of the commercials we're cutting out.

	twoSecondPause = BlankClip(last, length=60, color=$000000, width=320, height=240)

# These define the segments of the show. Part1 is the opening theme and
# the first part of the show. Part2 is between the first and second
# commercials. Part3 is between the second and third commercials, etc.
# The numbers are frame numbers as you would see them in video editing
# software like VirtualDub.

	part1 = Trim(6898, 25211)
	part2 = Trim(29807, 44880)
	part3 = Trim(49474, 60214)
	part4 = Trim(65149, 75902)
	part5 = Trim(81392, 96339)
	part6 = Trim(101860, 114447)

# Once we've defined the segments of the show, we string them back
# together again, putting those two seconds of dead air between each
# segment where the commercials were before.
	AlignedSplice(part1,twoSecondPause, part2,twoSecondPause, part3,twoSecondPause, part4,twoSecondPause, part5,twoSecondPause, part6)

I used this for Canada’s Worst Handyman. From episode to episode, all I had to do was change the frame numbers to cut the commercials out.

Originally I loaded the audio and video using the MPEG2Source and WAVSource commands (I had demuxed the audio, played around with it a bit and remuxed it), but I figure DirectShowSource is more universal and easier for you to use.

If you are going to try DVRMSToolbox, you’ll soon find out that the user interface is, to put it politely, primitive. You can’t just point it at your files, or drag and drop. You have to type out the input and output files very accurately, down to the correct file extensions.

It does work to change dvr-ms to mpeg2. Never had any problems with that. But the commercial cutting function in the tool slows things down, and is nowhere near as accurate as manual cuts in VideoReDo. Of course, you may already have another mpeg editing tool you prefer.

Been a while since I’ve used it…until I read this thread, I didn’t even know they had made a version for Vista. Here is a guide for its use:

And you’ll find more info at the forums at

hey…i found this on the internet, perhaps it could help? i dont record tv, because although i have media center, the cable is not long enough…anyways, yeah the link