Cut operation in Nero 7



I just bought a Sony 830 burner with Nero 7 as part of the package. When trying to edit out a small part of a video DVD I follow directions and hit CUT then move the edit markers to the front and back of the part I want to remove and hit Cut again.

I have printed the edit video part of the on line manual and have read it over and over, it seems like a simple operation. I have attempted this at least 5 or 6 times and have yet to get the results I want which is simply to remove the unwanted segment and have the two adjoining parts joined. I end up trying to remove a 15 second segment and losing half the video. I assume the segment to be removed is the one inside the red and white striped area. Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t know the software you are using, as I use a dif kind of video editor.
But the video editing process is based in small pieces - video clips - that you put togheter in order to produce a movie file.
So, when you cut to take out the 15secs, you should:

    • cut a piece from the start till the point the unwanted part begins - you get the 1st piece;
    • take the 15secs from the other part of movie (till the end) - you get the second piece;
    • put piece 1 and 2 togheter and connect them via a transitoin or fading;
    • encode the movie and produce the final result you want.

However, take into consideration that if you start with a DVD video you can only edit if you import (transform it to) and get a Mpeg2 or other compatible video file that your editor can handle.