Cut one mp4 file into 2 files

Hi :slight_smile: ,

How can I do this please ?

As far as I know, Nero Recode cannot do this (yet), but QuickTime Pro could if you pass-through the MP4 file to MOV first and then back after editing it.

I’ve already tried to do this but I even couldn’t open the Nero mp4 file with Quick Time pro…

Thanks a lot anyway :wink:

Well, QuickTime cannot decode all possible MPEG-4 profiles, so if you used some Advanced Simple Profile tools for video and/or HE AAC for audio, it will have problems.

Another commercial MP4 editor would be Ulead VideoStudio 7 and 8 with their new MPEG-4 plugin, but it can’t decode HE AAC either, I think.

Hopefully 3ivx will release their MP4 editor/converter soon which will probably solve a lot of problems that MP4 users are facing at the moment.

I’ve tried as well to install the last 3ivx program, but i decided to remove it from my computer after Spybot scanned it as a spyware… I really don’t understand why Ahead doesn’t release a new version of Nero Recode which can really rip a DVD into 2 CDs… :a


The Recode 2.1 has this function. You can split to 2-6 discs (which can be CD-74,CD-80,DVD-5 or DVD-9).
It will be released quite soon. :slight_smile:


That’s a very good news thx … :bigsmile: