Cut commerchels

I would like to cut commerchels from a tv movie. I looked at the list of editors on theforums,but being new to this and never done this be for, i would like some help as to witch one to get,i need it just for that. Thanks for any help you can give me.I recorded on set top dvd recorder,so i think it would be mpeg 2dvd?It has a VIDEO_TS folder.

There’s one or two payware apps you can use:

Womble MPEG2VCR (basic) or MPEG Video Wizard (full feature)

[b] VideoReDo

[/b]Both the above require the MPEG2 file to have been ripped onto your hard disc.

Ulead DVD Movie Factory 5 (Video edit + menu generator). This has VR editing facilities so you can use +RW or -RW discs direct from your set-top recorder.

Otherwise you can rip the titles with DVD Decrypter and use something freeware like PVAstrumento, VirtualDub MPEG2…

i did get videoReDo Icut the commerchels outi got a movie mpeg when it was done, but i can 't find out how to burn it to dvd.i used nero7,tryed video no go, udf and put it in a video ts folder,it will play on comp,but not on desk top.this is what i got any help on this would be grate. a noob

To convert a mpeg file into DVD video you need an authoring software like dvd lab or tmpgenc dvd author. These softwares will convert mpeg into vob files.

Too bad, however, both are not free :frowning:

You could try using Nero Vision since you have Nero 7; here is a guide to convert video files to DVD and create a menu using Vision.

I really like Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5, as mentioned above.

It has a MULTI-TRIM feature that feels like it was MADE to cut out commercials.

:iagree: :iagree:

@xbill: It is a great all-in-one solution, and includes a burning engine.

Ulead DVD Movie Factory is the way to go, I use it to cut out commercials on tv movies. Works great for me!

Thanks for the replys,I redid it over ,but this time i checked vob.i got 1vob file like this.Stell not able to burn it to dvd .i think i can do it in nero vision,but it will take a long time.Thanks for giveing a noob some help.I will look into movefactory.

To burn vob files with nero, you should select “new compilation” --> “DVD video” and put all [B].ifo[/B] [B].bup[/B] and [B].vob[/B] files on the “VIDEO_TS” folder

I would second the motion for Tmpgenc DVD author, this is a very nice program to setup your own menus and such, also has its own burning engine. I use this frequently to author DVDs which were recorded from TV after cutting commercials with VideoRedo Plus.

All i got was the one the 1 vob as bove. no .ifo .bup and .vob.What setting do you use in videoRoDo ,in options i clicked on vob.

If you want simple and fast, look at this guide here Since you already have the one vob just jump to the IFOedit portion where you create the ifos and bups. It looks complicated but, if i can figure it out anyone can :slight_smile:

Even DVD Shrink can do this, and it’s free and easy :slight_smile: . Say you have two sets of commercials in your recording, just select the start end end frames of the three individual program-sections that you wish to keep and export them to a DVD folder each. Now you have like 3 separate DVD’s, which you can “merge” again into one DVD-structure with Shrink (there’s a guide about merging in the relevant forum section, I believe). It’s been a while since I did this, so don’t ask me the details, but it worked a treat.