Cut and Burn a MP3 file? Possible?

CUT AND BURN??? (MP3 file)

I have downloaded a album. It is all done in one file. What I would like to do is to cut it and burn it, so that I can navigate it. Jump to the next song…

So is it possible to do this in Nero or WinonCD, or do I have to first open it in a sound program to cut the songs into different song-files.

The songs is mixed so tight toghether so it should not be heard that its changing songs…

If you are familiar with the ALBUMs called Buddha Bar, you know what I mean.

Please help me out here!
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Seek out a program called Cool Edit 2000. It’s easy to find. It has a feature called ‘Q’ points. You set the ‘Q’ points at the start of each song. Chose merge. Then hit the save button. It converts each section between the ‘Q’ points to a .wav file. Burn the.wav to cd. Each ‘Q’ is now a cue point on the cd. Easy. I’ve done it several times for concerts on cd. Works like a charm.

When you burn it back to disc, do it in Disc At Once (DAO). There will be no gaps between songs.

Thank you sooooo much… I will try it out when I get home from work today!


Can this be done with MP3 files as well???

I just set the Q and then save it? thats is?

Cant seem to do it right I guess… hmmmmmm

try making wavs first? or searching? answered before, im sure :smiley:

remeber that after you set the “q” points you have to select the whole bunch of ‘Q’ points before you start to merge (this is in the open cue list (little piece of paper with a 'q’on it))
after this mergen you select the merged files again in the cue list and push the 'Batch’button. Now you select save this file’s to disk and the correct format.
Now you’ve got all the numbers as seperate wave’s (or when you find a mp3 plugin for cooledit 2000 you can save them as mp3’s )

  1. First go to the cuesheet heaven website:
  2. select Use: freedb
  3. search fo the album u want
  4. download the cuesheet
  5. edit line 3 form the CUE sheet so it match the WAV or MP3 file.
    FILE “MOBY18.mp3” MP3 (for MOBY18.mp3)
    FILE “MOBY18.wav” WAVE (for MOBY18.wav)

Now you have a valid CUE Sheet u can do one of the following things with it:

You can use Exact Audio Copy to split the WAV file:
Tools > Split WAV by CUE Sheet > With gaps


Direct burn the MP3 with Exact Audio Copy (free download), Golden Hawk CDRWIN or BlindWrite.


download musicutter to split the MP3 files:

Good luck

Good Link Waldo, tried this and works good

You can also burn direct from a cue sheet with feurio without splitting the files ; project - generate project from cue sheet

Ok i have cdr from sony 40x and i have turn it into a lite on …
I tryed both firmwares 02 and 06 none of these could recognise the music cd in the drive … then i tryed isobuster nothing…The mark trick nothing…
At the end i find the solution …

I put the protected cd into my pionner dvd 106 at the beging i thought that the drive would explode:P

then i start the latest clone cd
for the fisrt minutes clone cd seems to stuck searcing the protection i eject the cd end i see that it have read the music tracks… i reinsert it try one more time and that it it pass on the next level… it read it with 900k abour 6x speed and it was ready in 12’.

I hope my experience helps a lot of people
The cd was made in croatia in 2001 by sony…