Hi I’m a newbie having moved from DVD shrink to DVDFab. I’ve read the guide, but as far as I can see you can only customise by selecting chapters. Can you not select clips from within chapters? If not, is there any other program you can use together with DVD fab to achieve this?

You are correct. For the few times I need to do this, I rip the chapters I want to a HDD folder and then use DVDShrink. There are re-encoding editors but they are sloooow. Somebody, I think maybe AVS4You, makes an editor that works with MPEG-2 without decoding and re-encoding if you need more than DVDShrink can do.

thanks - but can you then import the vob files into dvd fab to burn as normal?

Josh, I have never tried it, assuming you mean the AVS4You stuff. I have some of their file converters and other tools but not the editor. DVDShrink of course maintains DVD Video compliant output, which you can re-import into DVDFab with no problems.

Okay, please forgive one more dumb question (actually 2). I read some subtitles threads, i.e. how to get english subtitles on foreign films to show and it says I have to select ‘direct render to video’ on the configure page. But where is the configure page? And how do I find the info page referred to in the guide?

The Info page is the page that opens when you click on the green checkmark in the upper right border of the DVDFab main window. It has information about the Source DVD or folder and the copy protection it contains. “Direct Render to Video” only applies to DVD to Mobile, and appears on the Conversion Settings page. If the subtitles you want are translations, like in DaVinci Code, you should also check the “Display only forced” button in the lower right on the DVD to Mobile Title selection screen (1st page, before clicking Next). To make the subtitles play automatically in a DVD to DVD copy, use Main Movie or Customize mode and click next to the subpicture stream you want so that the default arrow appears as illustrated in the Tutorial.

Thanks, but this is for a foreign film and I do have the English subpicture ticked. However, I am wondering - although I can’t understand why - but are you suggesting that if I burned a DVD it would play back differently from if I just open the VOB file on my HD? I have tried to play the file with both WIN DVD4 and PowerDVD on my computer - and no subtitles. Strangely. when I go into the settings for both when I try to play the file, they seem to suggest that the subtitle feature has been disabled. However, when I use either to play the original DVD they show the English subtitles automatically.

It sounds like the subtitles are not forced (like DaVinci Code) but “defaulted” (like Apocalypto). To get them to play automatically in Apocalypto you have to use a copy mode that preserves the original menu structure and have to allow the menus to be processed when you start the disc (which is why they won’t display automatically unless you start playback with the VIDEO_TS.IFO file or if you play just a VOB). I use WinDVD5 and it only grays out the subtitles option if there are none to display, but if you have checked the English subpicture stream they should be there. If there is more than one English stream, check them all. I had a “foreign” disc once where the first English subpix stream listed were actually the menu highlights. If you work with subtitles a lot I recommend you install the free and excellent DVDSubEdit by [I]jeanl[/I]. It can tell you what subpicture streams are there, whether they are forced (and force them if you want) and much more.

I’ve definitely checked the English subpicture streams. I had the same problem with DVD Shrink too. What did you mean by using another copy mode that preserves the menu structure? Are you suggesting that only copying ‘full disc’ will keep that structure?

Anyway, I’ve taken your advice and downloaded DVDSubedit, so I’ll give that a go, thanks.

No, although Full Disc would work, just dont use Main Movie or the Remove Menus option in Customize. If you are using the “Jump to…” options it might be worth a quick rip of a few chapters to see if that mattered, likewise maybe unchecking the “Remove UOPs” boxes, first from IFO, then from VOB. None of the above would prevent the subs from being copied to your backup disc but could possibly prevent them from playing automatically. I will be interested in what you find in the VOBs with DVDSubEdit.